Popsicle – Sweeten Your Life


There’s a unique manner in which you can weave Popsicle sticks so that when you undo a stick on one end, it creates a chain reaction that ripples down the line at 35 mph.  We decided to take this idea a step further and to build this story around it.

I conceptualized this idea about two years ago, but we could never find the right project with which to incorporate.  Since the sticks fly off so fast, we knew that we would need a high-speed camera to capture it. Until recently, high-speed cameras were very expensive to rent for a project that really had no budget.

When the Phantom Miro was released, it gave us the opportunity to do 1000 fps relatively inexpensively.   We quickly gathered a crew, who all volunteered their time and filmed it all in one day at Venice Beach, CA.

Behind The Scenes

A fly-on-the-wall look at how we made this spot.


Director – Ross Ching (http://rossching.com)
Executive Producers – J.P. McMahon and Tristan Drew (http://acommonthread.tv)
Producer – Don Le
Associate Producer – George Tsai
Director of Photography – Rob Witt (http://robwitt.com)
Assistant Director – Dennis Chang
Assistant Camera – Martin Gradek and Kyle Jennings
Production Design – Carlos Pimentel
Red Camera Tech – George Tsai
Phantom Miro Tech – Jordan Harriman
Editor – David Adametz
Colorist – Marshall Plante (http://ntropic.com)
Key Grip – Sam Puefua
Grip – Justin Vancho
Hair and Make Up – Lily Vi Pham
Production Assistants – Brian Bares, Karyn Piedad, and Jay Russell
Special thanks: Nam Luong, Lily Pham (Serenbloopity), Tonaci Tran (Tonaci Visuals)

Boy – Ashton Arbab
Girl – Natalie Weissman
Skaters – Jon Pierce and Joshua Littleton
Jump Ropers – Natalie Soleil, Scher Guzzo, hayley seat
Girl washing off her feet – Lauren lopez
Extras – Ashley Romeo, Roosevelt Gordon, T’Essence Minnitee, Samantha Rafanello, Keri Taylor, Lauren Taylor, Jordan Taylor, Karen Wright Brooks, Weston McClelland, Val Emanuel, Lacy Ray, Jaida Benjamin, Roosevelt Langham

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