Popsicle – Sweeten Your Life

There’s a unique manner in which you can weave Popsicle sticks so that when you undo a stick on one end, it creates a chain reaction that ripples down the line at 35 mph.  We decided to take this idea a step further and to build this story around it.

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Fuze – Never Just One Thing

Many people have seen fire spinners at the circus or at a Hawaiian luau, but I really wanted to capture the “next step” after fire spinning. I’ve been following long-exposure steel wool still photography for a while, and this commercial provided me with the perfect opportunity.

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Solo Eyewear

Solo Eyewear

Solo Eyewear is a very unique little brand because they have adopted the buy one give one model to sunglasses. They’re a small little start up, but are making a big difference in lives across the world.

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Shaw Carpets – Squares of Softness

Turning an Atlanta winter into a beautiful Spring day was a bit of a challenge for this shoot. We were able to mask those effects through creative angles and old fashioned luck.

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Sam Tsui

Sam Tsui – Shadow

We took a combination of live action and visual effects approach to this video. Not only was this a song that was really powerful, but it was a song that needed a powerful video to accompany it.

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DTS – The Speaker Orchestra

Every year DTS creates a promotional video for CES in Las Vegas. This year, the commercial production company I’m with wanted to do something different. They wanted to make something that people would replay, something that would stimulate people’s minds when they view it on their computer screen.

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AJ Rafael – Jetsetter

I love airplanes. So when I first heard about the title of this song I really wanted to find a way to put our main character in an aircraft and flip it every which way.

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Gillette – Touch

I wanted to explore reasons why we all shave. Thinking about it more and more, I kept relating shaving to touch. Then I expanded on the idea of touch, and how powerful something like that could be in the proper environment.

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Jason Chen - Thank You

Rubik’s Cube – Explore Your Creativity

500 Rubik’s Cubes, 12 hours of filming, and only 6 days of post. In researching concepts for this video, I came across the idea of Rubik’s Cube mosaics and I was amazed that someone could make such an awesome photo out of 5 or the 6 colors on a Rubik’s Cube.

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Already Gone

This is a little short film we created that’s based on a feature script about criminals who steal from other criminals.

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Empty America

The Empty America Series

This series of videos aims to show some of the most iconic cities in America without people. It’s a series that was initially inspired by Matt Logue’s photo series “Empty LA”.

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3 Minutes

I liked the idea of this short story called “The Most Dangerous Game” so I adapted it back when I was in film school, but when I made it back then I didn’t have many people to help me make it so it didn’t turn out too great. After being in the industry and living in LA for a few years now, I got a chance to make new friends and really take advantage of their professional talents.

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Kina Grannis – Valentine

**Kina Grannis, the girl behind that “Gotta Digg” video in 2008 got signed to Interscope but left the major label scene prematurely. She brought her fans with her and released an independent album in February 2010.**

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