About Me

Hi, my name is Ross Ching.
I specialize in creating viral commercials and music videos. You might notice that a lot of my work is weird and out of the ordinary, but that’s my “formula” at work. I suck at writing about myself, so here’s 25 things about me.

1. I hate when people email me and then send me a text message saying they emailed me.
2. I used to be able to run a lap in 52 seconds.
3. I think the internet has taught me more about life than any amount of school ever will.
4. I hate weak spoons, because whenever I scoop ice cream they bend.
5. I can rip a phone book in half. Don’t believe me? Bring a phone book with you the next time you see me.
6. One of the most annoying things anyone can do is flake last minute with a lame excuse.
7. When I was a kid I once ate 9 bowls of ice cream in a day.
8. I once tracked how fast I could go on a snowboard; about 65 mph.
9. I hate when people I hardly ever talk to ask me to fix their computer. If I’m good friends with you, I’ll offer.
10. I judge people by what email account they have. If you use Hotmail I automatically assume that I shouldn’t trust you with anything electronic.
11. When I was a kid, I thought the TV Guide people could tell the future and publish what what was going to appear on tv for the week.
12. I’m in a kickball league.
13. In my last year of college I took about a total of 5 pages of notes.
14. I’ve never stayed awake for more than 23 hours straight.
15. I use cruise control as much as possible; even if I’m driving down a residential street at 25 mph.
16. I hate how commercials are so much louder than the actual shows. It makes me want to buy their product less.
17. If you ever go to an airport and set the metal detector off, I hate you. Is it really that hard to take stuff made of metal out of your pockets?
18. I hate when girls call themselves fat when they’re obviously not.
19. I’m a fan of musicals.
20. I don’t think I could ever go more than a week without the internet.
21. To the people who have bought stuff from spam emails, I hate you.
22. When I was a kid, my parents would tell me I made the best coffee just so I would make it for them.
23. My most creative thinking always comes when I’m driving a car. The problem is that I can’t write these ideas down and I forget a lot of them.
24. I once burned one of my eye brows trying to light gun powder with a match.
25. I once found a quarter on the ground.