The Duel


Two friends and I created this video during my senior year of high school in 2004 for an internet contest. It fared quite well and ended up winning 2nd place.

The idea for this film was simple; to make a visually pleasing lightsaber fight. We had to shoot this video over the course of 1 day. Luckily, we had a few months to work in post production. The blades of the sabers were actually aluminum rods attached to machined hilts. In post production, we actually rotoscoped each frame that included a lightsaber glow and added flashes in After Effects. For the force jump, we used After Effects again and green screened the actor and edited him falling in the background using a mask to make it look like he went behind the other actor.

Canon GL2
Aluminum rods and hilts
After Effects
Premiere Pro

This is a Ross Ching Labs project

Download the video here.

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