David Choi – Missing Piece

Missing Piece

For every music video I make, I always keep creativity and originality as the top priority. So when David and his manager, Jon, approached me I let them know that the concept is key.

Many people think that making something for the internet is similar to making something for TV or cinema. But in actuality, it is VERY different. Of course, the tools you use are the same, but the concepts and timing are a world away from almost any other medium. When I first listened to the song, I had writer’s block just like everyone else. It took some more thinking and a meeting with David to really iron out what should happen in the video. Collaboration is very important in these types of situations. Inspiration can come from anywhere, even from friends that don’t know anything about film. Watch the video, then read below for my little formula for viral video success.

When creating something for the internet, people’s attention span is VERY short. Think about how you look at other videos on YouTube and think about the how long it takes you to either skip through the video or click the back button. Our main goal as a video creator is to get the viewer to watch from beginning to end without skipping or hitting the back button. If they’re able to do that, they’re MANY times more likely to share the video with a friend — and that’s how seeds of viral videos are made. So let’s look at the elements to do that.

1. Must be short — 3 or 4 minutes or less. I’ve got many other tabs open and my pot of water on the stove is about to boil.

2. The 10 second hook — Probably the most important aspect. We need to WOW the viewer right off the bat. That means either showing them something they’ve never seen, or some kind of filmmaking technique that’s really unique. Whatever it is, if your friend doesn’t say WOW when you tell them the first 10 seconds of the concept, it’s back to the drawing board.

3. Sustainability — Once you have them hooked, you need to create a device that pulls them to the end. Some examples: a story, beautiful cinematography, creative art, exciting visuals that are rarely seen. Anything that will get them interested in seeing what happens at the end.

Now that you have your elements, figure out how to make it without breaking the bank. I made Little Bribes for about $100. I just took my still camera and began filming whatever that could spell out a word.

Now, go create an awesome concept!

Behind the scenes video

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