Death Cab for Cutie’s Little Bribes


For this video, I pulled out every time lapse, stop motion and live action camera trick that I could think of. It took me about 2 weeks. The goal was to create a fresh, new direction to take my work to. The Eclectic Series has fared well, but that was all in the past. It’s time to look ahead.

Live action narrative is where I would truly like to be producing content, but on the internet, it’s just too difficult to stand out from the pack making movies with a video camera. Moreover, time lapse and tilt-shift (shot with a still camera) are becoming more and more prevalent on the internet. Therefore I spent weeks and weeks to come up with a new, original idea and landed on this concept.

Press release from Atlantic Records

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Music: Little Bribes by Death Cab for Cutie


Production of this video was fairly simple. I looked around the house for things that could spell out words and then photographed them. Most of the time I would incorporate some kind of motion into the shot to keep it interesting. However, the song has 211 different words in it and I quickly ran out of ideas. This is where things became difficult.

To keep myself sane, I printed out the lyrics and timed each word to the number of frames that I needed to take. The “accents” over each word signified that the word was completed.

Location wise, almost everything was shot in the LA area. A few shots came from my parent’s house in San Jose, but that’s it. For this one I didn’t have to travel all over the country to get unique shots. I just had to create the unique shots.

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